This email contains new and upcoming changes we want our dealers to be aware of so you can best manage your business! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

Known at this time.
  • Amasile™ is available for purchase. See the Amasile section below for more information.

  • Vitalize® Equine Recovery Paste has changed to a 30 mL tube to streamline production.

  • *NEW* product: Vita Charge® HydraBoost Concentrate

    • An oral supplement for swine and poultry containing fermentation products, B-vitamins and antioxidants.

    • Sold by the case (4-1 gallon jugs per case).

      • Feed Rate: 1 gallon mixed with 4 gallons of water then 1:128 through a medicator.

  • Customs have been made available again and are at full Vitamin A & E levels

  • Starting June 1 we will begin labeling Vita Charge Neonatal for all species.

  • Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus will be will be available in a 5-bag case quantity starting July 1st. Currently, you may still purchase this product by the individual 10# bag.

  • The Vita Charge® product line will receive some minor changes to assist with manufacturing efficiencies we have been able to identify. In some cases, this will cause some variations in the guaranteed analysis, but rest assured the products amazing efficacy will not change.

  • Update to Vitamin E levels: Starting June 1 we will begin manufacturing all stock products with full Vitamin E levels. Orders will be filled with products containing full Vitamin E levels once the existing inventory is gone. Vitamin A levels will remain the same until further notice. Because of the registration process, vitamin levels cannot be changed in the registered IGR products.
  • Amasile will be available for orders June 1-June 30 (A second ordering period will be August 1- September 30).

  • Each week we will review the orders placed before 5:00pm CST Wednesday, if at least a full batch of Amasile has been ordered, the Amasile will be produced to ship the following Wednesday.

  • Customers will be notified on Fridays if there are not enough orders to produce a batch. If notified, they will be given the opportunity to cancel their order or wait until the Amasile can be produced.

  • If additional product is included on your Amasile order and Amasile production will not occur that week, you will have the option to hold your entire order and wait until the Amasile is produced or to ship the product and have the Amasile shipped separately (standard shipping charges will apply) once it becomes ready. Orders for just Amasile will ship as soon as production is complete.

  • You may order Amasile under the "Silage" tab when placing your orders online. Please note that Amasile is only available to be ordered in cases of 2.
Pricing Level Case Price (2)
Level 1 $380.00
Level 2 $304.00
Retail $486.00
State New Rate Change
Alabama $210.00 $10.00
Arizona $350.00 $20.00
Colorado $275.00 $5.00
Louisiana $210.00 $10.00
Mississippi $175.00 $5.00
North Carolina $145.00 ($15.00)
Ohio $175.00 $5.00
Pennsylvania $240.00 $10.00
Tennessee $140.00 $5.00
Virginia $265.00 ($15.00)
West Virginia $210.00 $10.00
If your state is not listed, there is no change.
  • If you have questions about logistics, you may reach Ashley Jones at 816-596-8787.

  • Please remember to call before picking up orders to ensure the weather conditions will allow for loading. You may reach Lori at 816-344-5758 and you will need to speak with her before picking up any orders.

This spring, BioZyme has been working diligently to address freight cost efficiencies. We are looking at ways we can consolidate and negotiate costs to create a streamlined and economical shipping process. We hope to share a solution with you yet this year, but in the meantime please work with Ashley at (816) 596-8787 to find out how you can save on shipping costs. If customers have flexibility, in many cases BioZyme can offer helpful ideas of how to make the most of your order shipping fees.

OTHER CHANGES (Future Changes)
  • At the request of many of our dealers and distributors, we have been working to get barcodes added to all our small pack products. Sure Champ® buckets and other small pack products (ie. Vita Charge Paste, Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste, Vita Charge Liquid Boost) will ship with UPC codes beginning on June 1. This document can be used to upload barcodes into your system. If you have questions on how to upload the barcodes, please contact our office and ask to speak with Cassie England. If you have other questions pertaining to barcodes, please contact our office and ask to speak with Customer Support.

  • There has been a change to our Return Policy that is located on the Terms & Conditions page of the pricelist. Please note the change and call Dennis Delaney at 816-344-5748 with any questions.

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